Mouse works in air

Monday, September 21, 2009

To use the mouse Gyration Air Mouse Elite, you do not need a mat on the desktop, not enough - you do not need and the table itself. Gyration Air Mouse Elite Gyration Air Mouse Elite is designed to work in the air!
С Windows Internet Explorer, PowerPoint With the help of motion sensors and software MotionTools she picks up the slightest movement of the brush, allowing the user to work with different applications Windows (such as Internet Explorer, PowerPoint, etc.). And she does this even at 30 m from the computer, and despite the wall. The mouse weighs slightly less than 100 grams, so that the wave it will not be hard. Gyration Air Mouse Elite By the way, Gyration Air Mouse Elite can be used as a normal mouse - it provides built-in laser sensor.Worth $ 100, complete with wireless keyboard - $ 150.


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