Awesome Illusion of expansion and contraction

Friday, September 11, 2009

Caution: You might feel sick.-View this mail when you are in a relaxed Mood

"Rays surface"

Each ray appears to move outward.

"An expanding handkerchief"

A handkerchief appears to approach us.

"A shrinking handkerchief"

A handkerchief appears to move away from us.

"A spring"

It appears as if a spring gushed out.

"Acorn storm"

The outermost part of the ring appears to expand while the inner one appears to contract.

*donguri (acorns) + ring

The outer ring appears to expand and rotate counterclockwise, whereas the inner one appears to contract and rotate clockwise.

"A landing UFO"

The UFO appears to approach us or appears to rotate.

"Trip eyes"

Circles appear to expand. In addition, red radial lines appear to be wavy.

Squares appear to expand or contract.

"Looming black holes"

The black holes appear to approach us.

The yellow ring appears to advance slowly.


The left swirl appears to contract while the right one seems to expand.


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