20 Beautiful And Unusual Looking Ties

Monday, June 29, 2009

Pouring Beer Necktie

Keyboard Tie
Space Invaderstie
Eye Chart Tie
Foot Long Hotdog Tie
Binary Code Tie
Crossword Puzzle Black White Necktie
New York Taxi Cab Shaped Tie
Scene Tie
Moons Surface Tie
Bit Tie
Kingofhearts Tie
Zebra Print Tie
Math Equations Silk Tie
Menu Tie
Circuit Board Tie
The circuit board pattern is printed on the fabric, but the lights in this design are fully functional, and flash in a variety of patterns.

Earbuds Tie
Photoshop Tie
Solar Powered Tie
It's an invention of Iowa State University, it has a pouch to hold on your gadget while it gets energized.


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