10 Unfortunate Business Names

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You named your business what? Looks like we'll have to ask the "WTF Group" to get us a property where "Mammoth Erection" can build a "Boring Business".
"As a locally owned company founded in 1924, focusing only in the Central Florida area, our heritage and experience enables us to ... BLAH BLAH BLAH... that's just boring!!! But if you actually care, keep reading.
"We are the WTF Group, one of the leading developers of historic property in Toronto (...) YOU are the cornerstone; the driving force behind our commitment is YOU".... Meeee??? WTF!!
It's just up the street from a nightclub called Swallow. Really.
Not sure what's worse about this business: exchanging your children, or having their sex changed
If you insist...
Cocks, anyone?
"At Mammoth, we pride ourselves in our unique capabilities of performing top quality scaffold erection services..."
You can get their service here, or choose other similar erection services.
So what does she presents, cum again?
Not all women are like that, you know

You're in good company


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