Top 18 Funny Costumes to Get Arrested in

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Top 18 Funniest Costumes to Get Arrested in. I don’t know what these people were thinking of when they decided to brake the law in these outfits, but it is very amusing. In addition, their lawyers can always defend them on the bases of their (in)sanity.
Greenpeace Trash Can
But officer, I care for the environment!
Star Wars Soldier
I guess Darth Vader always has a spare of 1.000.000 clones
Spider Man
He ran out of spider web
Snow White
She was dealing some white stuff
A Devil or Red Daemon
He was caught “Red Faced”
The Gold Man
Lost his golden horse shoe
Ronald McDonald
It was about time someone arrested him
Santa Claus
Peter Pan
Cow Costume – You could call her a cowgirl

Mickey Mouse – Stole from Disney company
Polar Bear Costume – A girl and her accomplice both got arrested

A misguided Pop Princess – Misses the party
Fairies – Their arrest at Disneyland wasn’t a fairytale at all
A Clown – This one is classic
Vinnie the Pooh – Looks cute in the police vehicle
Stormy – Safety first, I heared that in prison you can’t fall overboard


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