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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mom, maybe you’d better light up a Marlboro
Hey, you. Yes, you. Look look like a real cool dude. Not a square! Squares just don’t understand what it’s like to be in the know and walk loose. That’s why you smoke. And you just don’t smoke any brand of tobacco, you smoke the kind your doctor recommends: Chestermarlbocamel. This three in one blend brings together the spirit of 1950s carte blanche advertising and throat cancer all under one filter. So go ahead, take a drag. You deserve it.
As Your Dentist I Would Recommend Viceroys

Guard Against Throat Scratch
Scientific evidence…no adverse effects on the nose, throat and sinuses
Doctors Smoke Camels
20,679 Physicians Say Luckies Are Less Irritating
Consider your Adam's Apple
Virginia Slims Make You Slimmer
Light An Old Gold Instead Of A Throat Treatment
Scientists Smoke Kent Cigarettes
From the report of a well known research organization, ABC: Always Buy Chesterfield!
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